No need to juggle a series of expensive and complex tools.
A handful of our competitors can pride themselves on having such a complete features stack.

None have such an affordable offering.
Omnicanal publishing, AI powered editing, centralized social distribution, blended data dashboards, state-of-the art monetization solutions, CRM, loyalty management…

Take a tour of WhiteBeard News Suite key features.

Features bannner

State-of-the-art newsroom management



Responsive websites, iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps, Apple watch, Alexa voice assistance and Adobe InDesign print interface… we just stick to where the readers are.



Your content is edited and published in just one place : our headless CMS. Your newsroom can collaborate on rich articles and videos editing, decide what to publish when and where into several languages.



WhiteBeard News Suite lets you manage your remote audience via newsletters, mobile push and posts on the main social networks. Our system also enables you to analyze your community's overall data (interactions, mood, etc.), while centralizing the tracking of reactions to a single article.

Artificial Intelligence


With major leaps in AI, we use the latest tech to support your production efforts and optimize your workflow, providing smart tools such as translation, content rewriting, auto summarization, keyword generation, and more.

The complete stack for publishers



We gather in-house and third-party data into a single dashboarding system. Allowing a 360° monitoring solution for publishers (production, audience, social interactions etc.) and for marketing teams (monetization, churn and CRM). We design tailored interfaces to fit in your open space screens as in your own mobile phone.



We plug the key Ads serving systems into your web pages and video players. WhiteBeard also offers direct income solutions : metered / hard paywall and data wall for subscribers ; donations for supporters. WhiteBeard is interfaced with the most common payment methods.



Offering channels for discussion with your most loyal readership is essential to satisfying them. It's not always enough to keep them from unsubscribing. We've set up a churn management funnel, from monitoring, to early-warning, to the listing of people to be automatically canvassed or contacted through a human relationship.

APIs & documentation


Working with developers means having solid documentation to start a quality dialogue. Our documentation is regularly updated, our code is commented on, and every brick in our software suite has an API.