WhiteBeard selected by Google and INMA as a CMS of reference for newsrooms worldwide

26th October 2023

In the first half of 2023, the Google News Initiative and the International News Media Association (INMA) teamed up to enlighten news publishers looking for an ideal Content Management System (CMS).

Independent third-party experts benchmarked tens of solutions throughout the world. The evaluation included a 70-questions form to fill-in, a 90 minutes demo, customers’ interview and a deep dive check within each CMS. 

WhiteBeard is recognised as one of world’s top class CMS for news publishers

The news was published on October 4th 2023, on Google News Initiative website. Through a dedicated review, the experts highlighted the maturity of our solution and its great fit for “mid-sized news organizations, especially those with only minimal technical resources”.

Going through competitors’ pages helps figuring out how Whitebeard’s News Suite is a “a very complete solution”.

A feature-complete CMS offering a "one-stop shop" for publishers

Apart from Whitebeard’s “on the shelf” features, experts have been struck by the consulting and tailored development we offer through our digital agency services (consulting, web/apps development, support and training).

This is a global recognition of the vision we carry for more than a decade : allowing newsrooms focusing on great journalism and marketing teams focusing on bringing value out of it… through a single platform.

We warmly thank our clients for their trustful support. Their knowhow, exigency and great ideas have been precious insights throughout the years. Nothing would have been possible without them.

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The Google News Initiative

The Google News Initiative works with publishers and journalists to fight misinformation, share resources and build an innovative news ecosystem. Their team has a unique vision of the state-of-the-art in the world.

International News Media Association (INMA)

INMA is a NGO gathering experts of the global news ecosystem worldwide. It figures out how to leverage growth from the emerging news media playbook. Sustaining journalism and seeking added value amid a changing consumer landscape. 


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