Exploring generative AI to boost publishers' productivity

26th September 2023

Whitebeard has been working on various artificial intelligence applications for years (content and data analysis, sentiment screening out of comments & social posts etc.). However the emergence of generative AI brings amazing new perspectives for journalism and content edition. Through 2023, we handled various tests and consultations to turn LLMs into ground breaking features for news publishers.

Our priority : use artificial intelligence to boost your productivity

Even though they've been bursting into our lives for a year now, the use of AI in journalism remains taboo. This is mainly due to a confusion between producing information and editing it. At Whitebeard, we've focused on editing.

You need to spend hours working alongside editors to understand just how tedious and partly unnecessary are some editing tasks. Typing SEO keywords, looking for a relevant illustration, draft an abstract etc. Thus, the common thread in our thinking is to exploit the best of AI, while giving the editors a hand to take a back seat, curate and edit the result and produce the best possible article.

State-of-the art LLMs focused on relevant tasks 

We use OpenAI ChatGPT 4 models to analyze your article and suggest the best possible SEO keywords. Same recipe for titles and summary suggestions (in paragraphs or bullet points if required). Obviously, editors can check and edit it if required. And in any case those are just suggestions and editors and journalists always have the final word.

Second, we propose great translation features, using ChatGPT and/or Deepl dedicated models. Once again, the editor has a hand to improve the end result. Our personal touch ? These features are not isolated from the rest of our system : once the original text has been translated, you can create a clone of the article. This provides you with a separate URL and its own editing singularities allowing you to explore the power of providing a multilingual version of your platform to extend your reach and engage new audiences from diaspora and beyond.

Apart from text, we also focused on image search, somehow tiresome. We use computer vision to detect objects within your images to enlarge their metadata corpus (relying on Clarifai). Though, an editor will have access to a vast amount of keywords to empower his quest for the best illustration.

At Whitebeard we believe that AI does not threaten the core of the journalist's job: publishing original and verified information. What we can change with generative AI is to ensure that most of your team is dedicated to this mission, not wasting time on repetitive tasks. Then, we’ll constantly keep scouting for new trends to offer you new possibilities. 

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