Designing the ultimate Newsroom blended data dashboard

26th June 2023

Most newsrooms rely on third-party tools and the dashboards that go with them. Each of these tools has its own purpose.

In a busy newsroom context, this approach has two major weak points. First, each dashboard is different, making it difficult for a non-expert to find his way around. Second, the multiplication of dashboards creates such saturation that most journalists no longer consult them.

Whitebeard News Suite has a solution : a set of dashboards accessible directly from within its CMS. They combine internal and third-party data offering the ultimate in-house KPIs blending experience.

Live monitoring to drive decision making into the newsroom 

In a newsroom, monitoring and controlling production can be a real headache. With Whitebeard, every editor can keep track of the papers he or she is working on, and every manager can track the number of articles being produced and published, hour by hour throughout the day.

Same headache for audience monitoring. Do you want it live, through the day or for the past week ? For all readers or only subscribers ? For articles or videos ? Whitebeard answers all these questions, exploiting internal data - through Matomo analytics - and third party providers (including Charbeat, GA4 etc.). And pushing for a tailored blend, displayed in your open space or in your back office.

Last but not least, content distribution is frequently considered chaotic. Mobile push, social sharing, emailing… the multiplication of publishing solutions doesn't help to adopt a global and coherent editorial approach. Whitebeard allows you to push everything from the same platform, monitor interactions and, last but not least, to monitor every discussion into a single list view. Else, you could keep navigating through X, Facebook, Instagram… sweating to look for your post, read and analyze all reactions scattered across the web.

Comprehensive monitoring to trigger state of the art marketing 

We didn't just offer this secret weapon to journalists and editors. It's also highly relevant to marketing teams. We focused on three fundamental levers : advertising, subscriptions and loyalty management. Using Whitebeard, a marketing manager can monitor its revenue growth, analyze payment methods and keep an eye on churn on a daily basis.

To turn KPIs into actions, our product team designed a simple but efficient funnel to anticipate churn and moreover develop a series of human and automated actions to convince them to stay close to you.

Because your challenges are our challenges, and your successes are our successes, we strive to listen to our clients’ teams - over the long term - to develop the tools that best meet your present and future needs. 

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